Private Client Services

Barnes & Sherwood was established in 1998 and we are one of the oldest and most respected financial planning firms in our market. We have been helping individuals, groups, employers, and charities with bespoke independent financial advice for over 25 years and our fully qualified staff are committed to providing you with the best advice and on-going services you need. We have two simple objectives for looking after clients’ money:

• Achieving real returns
• Protecting your capital

Our Core Business Values are very important They guide the way we deliver our services.

By guiding you with this financial plan, we help you take control over your future, and as members of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI) we adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards in our work. This means we:

• Behave with responsibility and integrity in our professional dealings, act in a courteous, honest and fair manner, are trustworthy and put your interests first at all times.
• Comply with all relevant laws, codes of conduct and required technical standards.
• Respect the confidentiality of your information at all times, and
• Make professional judgments objectively and give you advice without any bias.

Being independent means:

We make a comprehensive and fair analysis of your investment options. Our advice is genuinely free from bias towards particular solutions or any restrictions that would limit the range of solutions we recommend.  We disclose in writing the cost of our services before any recommendation is made. Furthermore any fees we invoice are always agreed in advance, so there are no surprises.

What Our Advice Covers

Financial planning is the difference between creating your financial future or just allowing it to happen. It’s about identifying your financial goals and objectives, then developing a plan. If you consult us, we assess your current financial position which covers income, assets, debts, spending needs and current savings. Our written advice will then provide:

• An in-depth financial analysis with recommendations for suitable and tax-effective wealth-building options,
• Details of the specific investments which match your attitude to risk, and
• Strategies to help you plan for a comfortable financial future.

This is a great way to start getting your money on track, but we also place a lot of importance on regular, on-going service to make sure your goals are achieved. Much of our service happens behind the scenes as we monitor your investments, keep track of how market conditions might affect you, report each quarter on the progress of your plans and legitimately minimise your taxation obligations. Combined with our professional advice, we feel you will appreciate the comprehensive range of services Barnes & Sherwood provides and the tangible value this can add to your wealth.
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