Our Fees and Charges

A Note About How We Charge:

Our work involves managing investments, but is also very much concerned with the individuals whose money we invest.

Our work helps to make sure your financial assets are matched to the various life issues and challenges you will face, then walking beside you to make sure the right funds are in the right place when they are needed – or when the unexpected happens.

This is not driven by tasks such as you find with a lawyer or accountant. Our experience and professional qualifications make sure we are there to guide you through the challenges life, and a changing political and economic climate throws at you.

This can take a great deal of time and happens behind the scenes. This is why we do not charge on a time cost basis – as most of our work is determined by events such as changes to government legislation and taxation, your individual and family circumstances, the economy and markets to name a few. We monitor your portfolio and suggest the changes necessary to meet these challenges, making sure you have a robust financial portfolio that meets your needs at each stage of life.

It would be difficult to charge on a time cost basis for this and most people, we have found, prefer a budgeted amount that links the success we have in managing your money the total cost of our service proposition. Therefore this is a strongly held principle and ethic within the practice that the directors are united on.

The value in our service is seen when things don’t go wrong, and the most appreciated aspect is the personal service, delivered with professional care. To retain our clients, it is our responsibility to ensure our service represents the highest value and to keep you informed, allowing you to appreciate the outcomes being delivered.

As we are professionally liable for all the funds under advice and have the responsibility for ensuring the suitability of the underlying investments it's also appropriate that the fee we receive is linked to the amount involved. This reflects our legal liability for our advice. It is also appropriate that it is paid throughout the relationship; that way fees are appropriately spread and the presentation of a large bill is avoided.