Financial Advice

Barnes & Sherwood charges fees to provide financial advice of the highest standard. We ensure our fees are transparent and represent good value for you, while allowing us to operate a sound, long-term business that will assist our valued clients for many years. Our client care programme provides an ongoing service to ensure your plans, once put into place, will stay on track.

Annual or semi-annual meetings where we review your portfolio covering -

• An assessment of your portfolio to ensure your financial plans stay on target, your personal needs have been taken into account and portfolio returns are within established targets.
• Recommendation of changes to investments, if necessary, due to changes in your personal circumstances, taxation, economic conditions or investment markets.
• Monitoring and rebalancing investments.
• Reporting on use of your ISA allowance and pension contributions to help minimise tax.

Ongoing services

• Access to advice across a wide range of financial matters in person, on the phone or email.
• Implementation of changes efficiently with no additional adviser fee.
• Ongoing advice to satisfy your financial objectives.
• Access to our client service staff for administration matters.

Regular reporting

• Each quarter clients receive from us a report detailing the current value of the portfolio and its performance. We will also discuss market performance, the investment outlook and any legislative changes clients need to understand. The report will also show all fees deducted and all transactions - so clients always know what's happening in their portfolio.
• On-line internet based reporting is always available to our clients using a secure online facility.

Regular information updates

• We will send regular communications which will contain information of interest in relation to financial markets, changing legislation and new investment strategies and products. This can also include a commentary on how markets have been performing with our expectations on the investment outlook.