Our Client Care Service

The Barnes & Sherwood Private Client Service

Understanding and knowing how to handle your finances can be stressful. Having the right financial advice from a trusted source will take away much of that stress. As part of Barnes & Sherwood’s ‘Private Client Service’ you have access to quality financial advice that incorporates all the various elements of your financial wellbeing. This service is available to specifically designed to meet your needs at the amount you have available to invest with us. The following describes our services to those who have the highest level of funds under advice with Barnes & Sherwood.

Benefits of the Private Client Service

Over time, you can expect to build a trusted relationship with your adviser as we seek to provide you with our client service offering of personal wealth advice. To do this effectively, we need to partner with you and agree upon a commitment and set of aims and objectives to make it work. To ensure you get the most out of the experience and that we provide beneficial and long lasting results, we have outlined the benefits of being a Private Client below.

A dedicated Senior Financial Adviser

Understanding and knowing how to handle your finances can be stressful. Having your own dedicated Senior Financial Adviser backed by an experienced service team will take away that stress. Your adviser is an expert in their field, and will provide ongoing solutions to meet your financial needs. Barnes & Sherwood are able to bring you expert help from a range of specialists while providing the personal service you need. Your adviser is supported by Barnes & Sherwood's technical services team with input from partner consultants including –

• Tillinghast Towers Perrin, the leading consulting firm for risk profiles and asset models,
• Towers Watson’s through their Global CAP:Link asset model for economic scenario modelling,
• Morningstar for investment data and performance analysis tools,
• Through threesixty, our compliance service we access AKG, specialist actuarial firm for information on Strategic Asset Allocations, and
• OBSR and Margetts, foremost providers of portfolio management services to private clients and pension funds for Tactical Asset Allocations.

Financial advice when you need it most

Your financial plan and strategy needs to change with you, so your adviser commits to a programme of ongoing financial advice where your goals, objectives and changing financial circumstances are reviewed regularly. When there are inevitable changes to tax, pension, or other laws and regulations, your adviser will personally review your circumstances and contact you to ensure that you take advantage of opportunities and avoid potential pitfalls. We will contact you to arrange regular comprehensive Strategic Review Meetings.

Regular investment updates

You will receive quarterly updates on your portfolio and invitations to six monthly meetings consisting of a portfolio valuation, alignment testing against your investment profile with discussions and discovery of your personal goals and circumstances.  During these meetings you will be engaged and participate in our Wealth Essentials program involving educational and investment discovery topics that will guide and support you through your financial lifestyle. As a Private Client, you will receive regular investor updates including recommended changes to your portfolio investments, an annual personal wealth update and annual Financial Health Check at tax time. You will also have the opportunity to join our exclusive programme of briefings which include –

• Insights into financial and investment trends,
• Investment and budget briefings where you will receive updates on current market conditions, and • Analysis of latest budget announcements with a view of how it may impact your lifestyle.

We help with the Details

As part of our service you will be supplied with our Priority Portfolio Service which provides for automatic rebalancing and reallocation of investment recommendation changes so you are continually meeting your agreed investment and asset allocation that support your lifestyle goals. Of course as a Private Client you have unlimited access to all of our staff and unlimited advice and reviews to your circumstances. There will be times when you may need to seek other professional services, such as lawyers or tax specialists. To enable a coordinated approach to your financial affairs we can provide a referral. We do not pass your details on to third parties and do not send you marketing material without consent. Our goal is to make your financial life as simple as possible, so administrative support is essential to our services. We will always provide the paperwork ready for your signing where it is practical and appropriate in the circumstances. Our staff are here to support you, from receptionists and administrators through to advisers and we are contactable by phone, email or in person.

Partnership - Our commitment to You

• We will get to know you, and understand your personal goals and objectives.
• We will treat your personal and financial information with the utmost care and confidentiality.
• We will be available to you during business hours, in person, by phone or email.
• We will help you to develop a realistic view of your position and expectations.
• We will provide the assistance to achieve your agreed financial goals and cashflow needs.
• We will treat your money with the same respect and care as we expect our own to be treated.

Your commitment to us

• You will share your goals, aspirations and financial position with us as the quality of our advice is dependant upon this information. This is a cornerstone of our advice and relationship.
• Just as important, changes in your life need to be addressed with us so we can celebrate the occasion or help you through a difficult period.
• You will consult with us and seek our advice on major financial decisions prior to acting on them - sometimes just as a sounding board.
• You will ask us to clarify our advice if it is unclear or you have any concerns.
• You will talk to us if you are worried about investment markets.

Share your success

We measure our success by the creed "the greatest compliment you can pay us is to refer our services to your colleagues, family and friends."